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Our Work

Here at Wickenburg Handyman, we pride ourselves on quality work in a timely manner. We aim to provide the best for our clients and ensure satisfaction with set expectations from the start. All our clients are treated with the same respect and care, regardless of project size. We know that, without you, our dreams wouldn't be possible. Our work varies from client to client, but we always deliver on the promise of quality workmanship. Here, we showcase some of our projects.



Custom Wine Room

Custom wine room, with hand-built, primed, and stained racks for our wonderful customer. Each shelf was assembled, piece by piece, with high-quality wood then installed. Our favorite project to date!


Kitchen Tile

Our client, Leanne, reached out with a grand idea to add tile to her kitchen island and backsplash. In a few hours, we transformed her kitchen into this beautiful view. The tiles add a nice pop of color!



Roof Replacement

This small front door canopy roof needed some serious TLC, so we replaced the shingles to match the exterior walls and repainted the beams a complimentary color. Simple yet sophisticated!


Bathroom Remodel

Our client requested a more modern, sleek look to their bathroom. We were able to tear out the existing shower insert and create this beautiful tile wall with a small receding area. Complimentary chrome fixtures were installed at client request. A true work of art!

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